1. Infinitude Coaching Philosophy:

Infinitude Coaching strives to provide athletes a personal, hands-on approach to
Individualised Training for recreational and competitive athletes.

Each athlete’s goals are of the upmost importance to us, your success is our
success, and it is our charge to help you achieve success through proper training
and event preparation.

As an Infinitude Athlete, you are entering into an Athlete/Coach relationship that
is driven by Athlete feedback and clarity. Both parties have responsibilities that
must be continually met in order for the Athlete to reach their goals.

2. Athlete Documents and Sign up process

As an Infinitude Athlete you will be directed to several websites to do sign ups
before coaching can commence as well as receiving a Athlete Contract and
Waiver that needs to be signed (electronically or sign and scanned) and sent
back to us.

Please make sure that you have completed the sign up form on
www.infinitudecoaching.com/signmeup as the information contained in them is
used to develop the most comprehensive Training Plan possible. Success in an
individualized training/coaching setting requires the development of a trusting
relationship between Athlete and Coach and completing these documents gives
your Infinitude Coach the necessary information to plot the trajectory for
attaining your athletic goals.

You will also need to sign up for our training software, TriDot, to receive your
training plan. This can be done on the following link

It should be noted that any and all personal information shared with your
Infinitude Coach is kept completely confidential, without compromise. The
information requested is only used to develop your training plan and nothing more.

3. Infinitude Coaching Commitment To Athletes:

Each Athlete receives a custom designed TriDot Optimized Training plan created
to meet their specific goals, lifestyle, abilities, and time commitment. From the
novice enthusiast athlete to the seasoned competitor, our individualized
approach allows our Athletes to be confident in their preparation and focused on
their success.

Infinitude Coaching has every individual Athlete’s best interest at heart. We will
always approach every training/coaching scenario with professionalism,
honesty and integrity.

We commit not to quit, but training is a two way street and the success of your
training will depend on your dedication and willingness to follow the TriDot
program and your coach’s recommendations.

Coaches Note: A good idea would be to listen to the TriDot Podcast “Doing the right training right”.

4. Athlete/Coach Responsibilities:

Infinitude Athletes are responsible for the execution of their training programs.

4.1. Training:

raining plans are delivered through TriDot software. All though the program
auto generates programs, athletes will need keep in touch with their coach
regarding work/life commitments, such as family events, work travel, or any
other item that would alter your normal training schedule.

  1. Training Plans will be delivered to Athletes through TriDot
  2. Training plans will be adjusted as needed (depending on athlete’s
    package option), which the athlete will need to follow.)
  3. Training plans indicate the type, duration and intensity that the athletes
    should engage in.
  4. The Athlete is required to give feedback on sessions to give the coach an
    indication of how the athlete felt during the session.
  5. Athletes are expected to upload data daily or at least once a week for
    analysis to continually plan and adjust workouts as necessary to ensure
    Athlete goals are met as projected by the Athlete and Coach
  6. The Athlete must inform the coach of any problems experienced with the
    upload of data.

4.2. Training Programs:

  1. Training Programs are designed by your training data, assessment
    results, biographical data, training conditions (temperature, humidity,
    time of training session), race distance, venue and date of the race.
  2. Athletes should follow or attempt to follow programs to the best of their abilities.
  3. Programs will indicate key endurance and intensity sessions.

4.3. TriDot Optimized Training

  1. As programs generated with TriDot, athletes are expected to keep their
    profiles and training zones up to date by checking the app before session
    to see if any zones changes were made by the software due to changing
    training conditions (e.g. Weather or time of training)
  2. The athlete should notify the coach of any calendar or schedule changes
    so that changes to the athlete’s program can be made accordingly.

4.4. Injuries

Any athletic activity carries the risk of injury.

  1. The athlete should acknowledge the risk and should agree that his/her
    physical condition is adequate to safely train for any event Infinitude
    Coaching has been requested to assist the athlete with.
  2. The athlete is at all times responsible to stop any and all training
    immediately if any activity causes discomfort and/or pain.
  3. The athlete should also be aware that there is a difference between
    normal muscular discomfort due to fatigue and real muscular pain that
    precedes an injury.
  4. The athlete is responsible to seek medical advice if an injury does occur.

5. Communication:

Your Infinitude Coaching Training Plan outlines the appropriate level of
communication for success at your level of commitment.

  1. Phone calls and text messages are a great way to enhance your
    relationship with your coach, however, respect must be observed by both
  2. Please use discretion and “best judgment” when using phone calls or text
    messages with your Coach. Below are two examples of Athlete
    Example 1: Sending a text message at 10:00pm regarding race strategy or
    workout specifics the night before the event or workout. This communication
    may fall on deaf ears as your Coach is ‘out of the office’, unless prior
    arrangements were made between the Athlete & Coach to communicate at this
    Example 2: Calling or texting messaging on a Sunday morning to communicate
    that you just had a break-through workout or had a big result (like a podium or a
    win!) is absolutely acceptable. We take our role in your success very seriously
    and want to share the excitement with you when you achieve your goals!

6. Contract Commitment:

We are confident that training using our principles of Structure, Accountability,
and Feedback will produce great results in your athletic adventures. However,
there is no replacement for hard work and commitment. We request that all our
Athletes be prepared to make a minimum, three month, commitment to your
Coach and training plan. We are fully confident that execution of the training
sessions outlined by your Infinitude Coach over this time-span will produce the
performance gains you desire. Coaching contracts work like any other gym
contract, so even if an athlete is on vacation or taking leave, payments are
still due until the cancellation of a contract. Athletes do have the option to
upgrade or downgrade between package options but should inform their
respective coach before the 15th of the month in which they would like to switch.

6.1. Athlete Commitment/Cancellation:

All good things must come to an end, and at some point, your training/coaching
will come to an end too. We encourage communication about this event between
you and your coach.

  1. Cancellation of any Infinitude contract is to have a written thirty days (30
    days) notice of Athlete cancellation prior to account termination.

Coaches Note: Text messaging is not an acceptable cancellation method.

7. Invoicing/payment structure:

Athletes will indicate what package they sign up for and will be invoiced through
Wave Accounting. Invoices are sent out automatically.

    1. Invoices will be sent via email on the 15th of each month and can be paid
      between the 25th and the 31st of every month for the duration of the
      athlete contract.
    2. Invoicing terms are ‘net 16’, which means payment is expected to be
      received within 16 days of receipt of the invoice.
    3. All Athlete contracts are subject to an annual fee increase of 5%.
    4. This increase is applicable to all training options and will commence in
      February each year.
    5. If payment is not received within 16 days of invoicing, training plans will
      be blocked until payment is received.
    6. Accounts falling more than thirty days late are subject to additional
      monthly fees and initial consultation fee (R400) to reinstate
    7. It is important to note that payments’ done in advance is not refundable
      save, in the case of hospitalization. In which case proof must be supplied.
    8. In the case of serious injury and illness and athlete will have the option to
      downgrade to a membership only level (R200 per month) to still have
      access to the Tribe Lounge.

Coaches Tip: Mistakes happen, we are human too, late payments are not the end of the
world, but not communicating about it can be the end of your Training Plan. Please
communicate with your Coach if an issue will delay your payment so that we can continue
to keep you on track. Alternative options to ensure training plans are always accessible, is to create a debit order.

8. Athlete Consent:

I have read and understand the terms and conditions outlined within the
Infinitude Coaching contract. This includes my responsibilities as an Athlete and
my expectations of my Coach, invoicing/payment, feedback, and communication.