Proudly Zimbabwean.  But flying the Zambian flag too! Our international tribee, heading to 70.3 World Championships 2021.

 It couldn’t get any better than qualifying for World Champs in NZ for 70.3 2020. But it wasn’t my goal when I started. When I started with Louise it was with the goal of completing my first 70.3 race, I was a complete newbie to a bicycle and had never swum open water. My first open water swim was the day before race day with my coach! I was completely stoked after I finished – literally on top of the world. I’d done what I set out to do. It was only after the race and my coach, husband and I were talking and she lit this fire in me. She knew something I didn’t even know – she knew I could do better. Way way better. She wanted everything for me before I knew I wanted it for myself. Literally there is no holding me back now. I’ve never been as hungry and determined as I am to be the most absolute best but not just for myself, to be the top of my age group. I will get there – I know I will. I’ve worked hard for each and every race and have come from being a middle of the pack long distance runner, to a podium finisher age group triathlete.

  • Preferred race distance: 70.3 After completing a 140.6 last year I made a deal with my husband – no more long ones until I was top 10 in my age group. He said to me he didn’t want me to be just good at something, he wanted me to be great. I’ve been in the top 10 three times since…..Goal was to qualify for World Championships in the next few years. Didn’t expect to qualify so quick! And to be a Gold AWA.  Now I guess it’s to be better than I was yesterday.
  • Strongest discipline: Run (Her run is right up there with the boys – Coach quote) I am one of those extremely lucky people – the bike sets my run up! My legs are primed and ready to go after the bike leg, and I just love the run!
  • Weakest discipline : Swim. My first open water swim was the day before my first 70.3 in 2018. I’m not new to swimming, I’m just new to swimming with sharks.
  • Pet Hate: Being late. I even have nightmare about being late to races.
  • Favourite Food: Fresh fruit and veg!!

Best /worse race blooper

Worst: Leaving my wetsuit behind in the hotel and only realizing when I needed to get into it. Not once. Twice…….

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My Coach: Louise Strydom