Based in Gauteng and lover of dogs! Tribe member Samantha has been with Infinitude for about 18 months

Infinitude is more than just a triathlon club to me. It is a tribe where I found friends, community and a sense of family. Infinitude is a tribe I am so proud to be part of and it would be an honor to represent our tribe as an Ambassador.

  • Preferred race distance: Sprint triathlons, working up to the 5150’s and my first Ironman 70.3
  • Strongest discipline:The run
  • Weakest discipline :A combination of the bike (I have terrible balance), and the swim (after a near drowning in the ocean, it’s a love-hate relationship)
  • Pet Hate: Cruelty to those who can’t protect themselves. Sour Milk. And being cold…
  • Favourite Food: Salmon (especially in sashimi or poke bowl form)

Best /worse race blooper

Worst: I blister really easily between my toes on a run, so I wear Injinji socks. I was so nervous with my first Sprint Tri, and I just grabbed a pair and stuck them into my cycling shoes. Getting to transition 1, I grab my socks and realise I have two left socks! I ended up doing my cycle and run without socks, and was very grateful it was only a Sprint distance!

Best: Having the absolute privelage of a mega pod of dolphins join in on the swim leg when I did the Durban Ultra Sprint in 2019.

My Coach: Louise Strydom