Based in Johannesburg, Nikita is a teaching student with a knack for training dogs. Her hard core, never-give-up attitude is a perfect fit for the sport of triathlon.

  • Preferred race distance: Sprint and Olympic
  • Strongest discipline: Cycling
  • Weakest discipline: Running
  • Pet Hate (s):
    * Being pushed while exercising
    * Being shouted at while exercising
    * Been given advice while I’m dead and dying
  • Favourite Food:
    * Chicken Wraps
    * Woolies lentle BBQ chips

Best /worse race blooper

Best: Was going for a 5km personal best, and the last km was all up hill. All I could do was heave and make the weirdest noises. Everyone who ran past me was looking at me like a mad woman.

Follow Nikita:

Instagram: @nikita_loreggian

Facebook: Nikita Loreggian

My Coach: Jarryd Irvine