Amanzimtoti local, duathlon newbie and Infinitude Tribee for just under two years.

“Infinitude changed not only my life but my belief system. It showed me what I’m capable of and that there’s no limits. I’m passionate about what I do. I’m not the type of runner that will ever win races but with every finish line crossed is a victory.”

“I want to show that even if you don’t look the part, you CAN run a marathon, do multi-sports and push the limits people label you with. I’m the underdog, the oversized person with that little flame burning inside and I have the desire to make the impossible, possible. Infinitude runs in my blood and I’m proud to be part of this brand and tribe. I want to inspire and show people if I can do it, you can too!”

  • Preferred race distance: Running (21km); Sprint
  • Strongest discipline:Bike
  • Weakest discipline :Swim
  • Pet Hate: No prices on items it drive me nuts. Open ice cream fridges in shops.
  • Favourite Food: Italian

Best /worse race blooper

Worst: My first duathlon I forgot to take off my cycle pants. Let’s just say it was not pleasant after.

Best: Completing my first marathon sprinting to the finish line after a very long day.

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