Gauteng local with one foot in Jozi and the other in Pretoria. If he is not swimming, cycling or running you can find him doing some amazing moves in the air as an aerial artist and instructor.

When I started as a triathlete, I knew nothing, and was guided only by a couple Youtube videos. Needless to say this didn’t prepare me for the REAL world of triathlon, I had too many question, no experience and a fire in my belly that I couldn’t control. I have found my calling in Infinitude as a team member but what I needed in the beginning was an ambassador who I could follow, a real life triathlete, in the same country, racing the same races, buying the same gear, with the same attitude… I currently have a channel where I am documenting my whole triathlon journey, (known as AvantGarde Triathlete) Avantgarde, which means, “experimental”. If I was an ambassador, I could use my influence not only to grow the Infinitude brand but also help a few people who are in the same position as I was. Im now armed with a deep understanding and knowledge base from constant research and development in the sport, nutrition and racing gizmos. #DataJunkie

  • Preferred race distance: Preferred distance is 70.3 half iron, for now. My challenge is to get up to Full Iron very soon
  • Strongest discipline: Off the bat, I would have to say Biking is my strongest Discipline, however swimming which was my worst is quickly beginning to become my best. Thanks to the many hours of specific swim training
  • Weakest discipline : Definitely the run, I have been suffering from ITB issues for years, and find myself chugging along through every race with minor Run related faults.
  • Pet Hate: Failing technology, like computers, watches, HR straps etc. This is the worst thing to me… I mean seriously, the thing has one job and it cant even do it right. How can a cadence sensor be temperamental? I thought I’m the only one temperamental??
  • Favourite Food: Salmon Poke bowl, that’s my fav, but decent home made burgers, are a very close second. As long as the patty is done correctly, and no tomatoes, tomatoes make soggy buns, sies.

Best /worse race blooper

Worst: I think I have bloopers in every race, but I think the most destructive one was ironman Durban 70.3. I felt like superman the day before the race, my taper was perfect, the block had worked well and my “easy” run the day before felt like running on clouds,

Which I didn’t realise I was pushing 4:30 min/km it felt fantastic and the heat didn’t bother me at all.

I blew my steam and landed up being tired for the race the next day, with tired legs heat exhaustion I suffered ITB issues half way through the run portion

So what would have been a 5:45 Race, ended up as a 6:30 finish… nice job dumbass.

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Coach – Louise Strydom