Based in Amanzimtoti, has a love-hate relationship with the Durban Promenade and is a qualified Life Coach.

I love what the brand stands for. The brand does not discriminate against size and speed. We are all unique in the tribe, and the tribe makes you feel like the number 1 athlete. The support is amazing, and there’s been no other club that has given me the personal support as what Infinitude Coaching has given me. For me to an Ambassador for the brand will show others what true sportsmanship is all about and how we can keep everyone motivated and supported on their own journeys.

  • Preferred race distance: the bigger the better – FULL IRONMAN!
  • Strongest discipline: Swimming
  • Weakest discipline: Cycling
  • Pet Hate: When you just start your distance, and someone will shout “Nearly There”.
  • Favourite Food: Coffee is a food right?

Best /worse race blooper

Best: Completely missing the run turn point at a Sprint Distance Triathlon.  Ended up being picked up my the route referees, and transported back to the turn point, to run back to the finish.

Worst: Holding a Pee in for 90km – it’s not easy getting out of your one piece tri-suit in a porti-pottie.

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My Coach: Louise Strydom